The anniversary of the infamous UNSC Resolution 2334


Today is the anniversary of New Zealand’s co-sponsorship of UNSC Resolution 2334. Many kiwis were, and are, indignant that then NZ Foreign Minister McCully could, without regard to due process, act with antisemitic nations such Malaysia and Senegal in promoting a blatantly anti-Israel resolution.

Many kiwis voters hoped that with a change of government – and a change of Foreign Minister – we would see a correction in the trajectory of NZ’s engagement with the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Sadly, the new government’s performance to date has been deeply disappointing. NZ has continued to stand with Israel’s enemies at the UN.

This video was recorded shortly after NZ’s co-sponsorship of UNSC Resolution 2334. On this, the anniversary of 2334, the objections raised are no less valid.



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