Fog of war

As if conflict situations were not difficult enough to deal with, rioters on the Gaza border haveused smoke and mirrors (literally)to mask their attempts to “take down the border (with Israel) and … tear out their hearts from their bodies“. Hamas alsosent children to the borderto bait and test the IDF in this recent wave of violence.The use of human shields isnothing newfor Hamas and other Arab Palestinian terror organisations. They have alsoabused ambulances for transporting terroristsandterrorists have pretended to be journalistsandeven medics.This leaves those tasked with protecting the border with Gaza during violent riots with difficult decisions – it’s hard to see, and even harder to distinguish innocent civilian caught up in the milieu from terrorist putting them in danger.Thus, it is sadly inevitable that some innocent people will be harmed in conflict. However, comparing the “collateral damage” that Israel incurs with similar conflict situations reveals the truth –the measures Israel takes to protect civilians work.But thecase of Razan al-Najjaris one that needs to be investigated. With wildlyconflicting reports of her death, the IDF havesaid they will probe the incident. She may have been shot by accident, she may have been actively involved in the violence, and she may have been killed by friendly fire.If there’s one thing we should learn from the stories ofLeila al-Ghandour,Mohammed al-Durrah, others it is that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Unfortunately, our media are on tight deadlines and value speed over truth. We all look forward to the IDF report on the incident. Meanwhile, all deaths could be avoided if Hamas put down their weapons and used the aid they receive for building a state rather than trying to destroy Israel.