MFAT double standards continue to be exposed


Last week, I highlighted the MFAT tweet that promoted a talk endorsing “BDS and the one-state solution”, given by a University of Auckland Dance Studies Professor, Nicholas Rowe, who also has links to a terror group.

This irresponsible promotion was put into even further perspective by the response of Immigraiton New Zealand – another crown entity – to the two controvercial Canadian speakers. Immigration New Zealand granted them a visa and condemned their views. Had MFAT promoted the event and condemned the idea of BDS and rejected the one-state solution as put forward by Professor Rowe, there would be no controversy. Instead, they chose to promote it without comment and refuse to condemn the views.

MFAT officials are responsible for advising our representatives on United Nation votes and public comments to do with Foreign Affairs. We have already shown how New Zealand’s UN voting record has been anti-Israel for some years and called the government out for not condemning Palestinian terror.

It seems that New Zealand officials have also decided (or have been advised) not to praise Israel, either.

This week, The US, UK, and EU praised Israel for rescuing 422 members of the Syrian Civil Defense organisation, the White Helmets, and their families, from southwestern Syria. New Zealand officials have been silent.

It is deeply concerning that there seems to be such anti-Israel sentiment within the group that advises our elected officials and representatives.

It took some time for the National government to recognise that the decision to co-sponsor 2334 on their watch was “wrong”. We would urge you to continue writing to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and others to express disappointment that New Zealand’s political attitude toward Israel seems increasingly adversarial.