Eight things the media may not tell you about the “Freedom Flotilla”


1. It is incorrect to refer to the blockade as “illegal” and BSA has ruled it is irresponsible for NZ media to do so.

2. Violation of a lawful blockade constitutes unlawful activity and an interception in international waters is entirely correct if the vessel is attempting to breach a blockade, according to International Law. The detention of Mr Treen was inevitable, given his attempt to breach a legal blockade.

3. This group, like the last, has admitted their cargo is not nearly as important as the publicity – “There is also some medical aid on board, although the amount of medical aid is merely a gesture,” said Richard Sudan of Iran’s Press TV UK. “We’re talking just a few boxes.”

4. Thousands of truckloads of goods enter Gaza from Israel, even now as Hamas and other militant groups continue to indiscriminately send flaming kites, mortars, and missiles over the border. If this group truly cared about delivering aid, they could easily do so via Israel.

5. The shipmates of Mr Treen are known to support terror groups, including Hamas as PFLP.

6. There has not been violence on boats when this stunt has previously been attempted as long as the activists followed instructions and did not resist arrest. Mr Treen has admitted to resisting arrest.

7. According to the UN Palmer Report (paragraph viii), “…Where a State becomes aware that its citizens or flag vessels intend to breach a naval blockade, it has a responsibility to take proactive steps compatible with democratic rights and freedoms to warn them of the risks involved and to endeavour to dissuade them from doing so.”.

8. Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and removed all Jews in hopes it would become the “Singapore of the Middle East”. Hamas violently took control of Gaza in 2006 and has continued its conflict with Israel at the expense of the welfare of the Gazan people. Instead of building infrastructure, Hamas has invested in terror.



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