New Zealand continues to contribute to the institutional racism of the United Nations

New Zealand continues to contribute to the institutional racism of the United Nations

The United Nations is institutionally racist against the Jewish nation. New Zealand officials have contributed to this systematic bullying of Israel by voting for the disproportionate number and unequally vitriolic resolutions at the General Assembly each year. In voting against Israel, New Zealand’s record is more like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela than Australia, the United States, or Canada.

There are many examples of the politicisation of United Nations bodies against Israel. The most recent example is the vote at the World Health Organisation (WHO) that singled out Israel as a violator of health rights.

Some 25 delegations, including Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Turkey, Lebanon and Cuba gave speeches condemning Israel in a session that ended with a vote to adopt a resolution submitted by the Palestinian delegation that requires the WHO to hold the same discussion next year. UN Watch has reported on this session, with their executive director, Hillel Neuer, saying the session was a

“cynical politicization of the world’s top health agency at the expense of focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic and other vital global health priorities and emergencies. Out of 34 items on the current world health assembly’s Agenda, only one, Item 25 targeting Israel, focused on a specific country. There was no agenda item or resolution on any other country, conflict, civil war or political impasse—not on Syria, where hospitals and other medical infrastructure are repeatedly and deliberately bombed by Syrian and Russian forces; not on war-torn Yemen, where 18 million are in dire need of health assistance; and not on Venezuela, where the health system is in a state of collapse and 7 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance”Hillel Neuer

Given the institutional racism of the United Nations, it’s unsurprising that the WHO resolution passed. Fourteen countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic and Germany voted against the resolution. Regrettably, New Zealand voted for the resolution, contributing to more of the bias against Israel.

If you’d like to let Foreign Minister Mahuta know that you aren’t happy about this vote, email her here.


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