We need to have all eyes open


Philip Matthews’ ‘For peace or Putin’ (Opinion 12 March), provides platforms for Messrs Minto, Buchanan, and Trotter to blame the US for every conceivable ill, yet provides no contrary viewpoint.
Despite asserting that Minto provides a ‘nuanced’ approach, not a hair is turned by Matthews to Minto quickly launching into a racism model – ‘brown eyes good, blue eyes bad’.
Minto mentions US attacks on brown-eyed Iraq, but not a whiff of brown-eyed Iraq’s attacks on equally brown-eyed Kuwait and Iran. It wouldn’t be Minto without an attack on Israel, but his ‘blue/brown’ plea ignores the fact that Israel was attacked by its brown-eyed neighbours in 1949, 1967, and 1975: the so-called ‘Independence’, ‘Six Day’ and ‘Yom Kippur’ wars. Minto also ignores the fact that ‘blue-eyed’ Israel actively reaches out to the non-white Jewish diaspora through ‘Aliyah’ programmes. Over 1000 have come from India and around 8000 from Ethiopia and Yemen, plus numbers from China and Hong Kong.

  • This letter was submitted to the Dominion Post by Rob Harris on 12 March, 2022.