Media Release: IINZ calls for NZ Labour Party to investigate racism alongside bullying


The recent allegations of bullying within the New Zealand Labour Party are concerning. So, too, is the history of association between one of the named bullies and racism.

Labour MP, Dr Duncan Webb, has been an active member of an online Facebook group that regularly tolerates Holocaust denial and other antisemitic content. However, Dr Webb has refused to cease his association, which has also included speaking at the group’s annual conference.

“When we raised concerns about Dr Webb associating with vile antisemitism, the Labour whip was Mr McAnulty who has also been accused of bullying” said IINZ co-director, Dr David Cumin, adding “He refused to take our concerns seriously, either. The Prime Minister also refused to engage on the matter of Dr Webb, but she took swift action to remove herself as a member of an online group that shares similar racism.”

Jacinda Ardern was found to be a member of a similar group and immediately disassociated herself when that was exposed in 2019.

Dr Cumin is calling for an investigation into the bullying allegations to include MPs’ association with Holocaust denial and racism.

“New Zealand has just joined the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and so the government should be committed to educating about, and countering, Holocaust denial. We look forward to seeing action in line with government rhetoric.”


More information, including condemnation from one of New Zealand’s expert delegates to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and the Spokesperson of the New Zealand Jewish Council, can be found at