A Conversation with Arab Israeli, Yoseph Haddad


    Yoseph Haddad is a proud Arab Israeli. He briefly visited New Zealand in February 2023. Dr Sheree Trotter had a conversation with him about his identity and background and addressed some of the common questions people ask about the Israel Palestinian conflict.

    01:16 What about apartheid?

    4:20 A touching example of partnership and why every Jew should learn Arabic.

    9.51 Is Israel a settler colonial state?

    14:18 Do you feel dispossessed from your country?

    15:19 The UN Partition Plan and his grandfather’s story.

    18:20 Is Israel guilty of genocide and ethnic cleansing?

    20:22 Why did you serve in the IDF?

    23:37 Can terrorism justified?

    25:42 What hope do you see for the future?