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Monday, August 8, 2022


Fixed Inquiry: The Biased UN Commission Against Israel

On May 27, 2021, the UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution to “urgently establish an ongoing, independent, international commission of inquiry (CoI) to...

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Background to Operation Breaking Dawn

On 5  August 2022, Israel launched Operation Breaking Dawn against Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza, after days of tension with the terrorist organisation.Who is...


Biden, the Middle East and Zionism

I recently wrote an op-ed for the New Zealand Herald on President Biden’s recent visit to Israel. Biden boasted of his long history with Israel,...

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NZ-ISR Relations

New Zealand Foreign Ministry briefing misinforms

New Zealand claims to have a balanced and evenhanded approach to the Israel Palestinian conflict. However, New Zealand's voting record at the UN does...

New Zealand votes to fund unprecedented attack on Israel

The United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution establishing an ongoing Commission of Inquiry which has unprecedented scope to demonise Israel. With a vote...

John Mamea-Wilson: a Kiwi Samoan doing business in the Middle East

We have previously focussed on links between Israel and New Zealand in the agritech space and featured an interview with Arama Kukutai - a...

Why does New Zealand continue to support the bullies

I continue to be surprised by how many good people and democratic governments ignore the obvious flaws with the UN. One of the most...

Guest Post: Apartheid accusers “peddling in unhinged hate”

Apartheid is a potent term and one that occupies a special place in New Zealand’s social and political memory. Many New Zealanders remember the...


Graeme Carlé: The real Nakba

Recently a friend sent me Russell Brand’s interview with Gabor Maté, a gracious and eloquent physician and Holocaust survivor. He speaks movingly and passionately...

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