Two Dozen Legal Experts Condemn UNSC Resolution 2334


A recent UN resolution which condemned Israel and which was sponsored by New Zealand, along with Senegal, Malaysia and Venezuela, has been denounced by two dozen legal experts at a meeting at The Hague.
Israel Institute of New Zealand Director Dr David Cumin describes the condemnation as a major rebuke of the flawed process which led to the passing of the resolution and a blemish on New Zealand’s proud reputation as an ‘honest broker’ in international matters.

This is an embarrassing look for us on the world stage”.Dr David Cumin

The meeting, which was held at The Peace Palace of the Hague, was attended by twenty-four international law experts and practitioners who had gathered at the invitation of The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation (thinc) and the International Conference for Truth, Justice, and Peace (ICTIP). The purpose of the forum was to discuss the legal implications of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, which was co-sponsored by New Zealand last year.

The experts reviewed the process which led to the resolution and concluded that it “fell short of an open, balanced, and thorough consideration of all the relevant factual and legal issues (which) resulted in legal findings that did not adequately take into account the legal, historical, political and military complexities of these territories and peoples.”

Mr Cumin says that the report ‘pulls no punches’.

The report clearly highlights the very discriminatory nature of the resolution and supports the actions of many thousands of Kiwis – including those who signed petitions and wrote to MPs after the decision of December 26, 2016″.

“The report makes clear that UNSC Resolution 2334 was a politicisation of United Nations processes in order to attack the Jewish State. International law experts have given their considered opinion that clearly shows how biased and improper the resolution really was. It confirms and compounds the disappointment many Kiwis feel over McCully’s actions last year”.Dr David Cumin

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