Another barrage of terror from Gaza: hundreds of rockets indiscriminately fired


Some 400 rockets have been indiscriminately fired from Gaza into Israel in the past 24 hours. At least one elderly man was killed in his Ashkelon apartment by one of the missiles, more than 19 were injured by the rocket fire and an additional 31 people were treated for shock at Barzilai Medical Center, and there has been extensive damage to homes.

These attacks follow a day in July when approximately 200 rockets were fired, the more than 50 rockets and mortars fired into Southern Israel in May, and ongoing riots at the Gaza border.

The latest round of rockets is the largest barrage since the 2014 war and seems to have been triggered by an IDF intelligence mission gone awry in Gaza, in which seven terrorists and an Israeli commando were killed. The IDF has responded to the Hamas rockets by targeting at least 70 sites in Gaza.

Poland, the USA, Austria, France, Germany, Canada, the UN, and the EU have all condemned the indiscriminate rocket fire from Gaza so far. Sadly, New Zealand has once again ignored blatant terror against Israel.



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