More extremists in New Zealand Universities


A little while ago, we reported that a Professor at the University of Auckland, Nicholas Rowe, had openly affiliated with the terror group, PFLP. This week, two more academics have been exposed as having extreme views.

An article written by Israel Academia Monitor outed Professor Richard Jackson from the National Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies at Otago University as a self-identified terror sympathiser and identified a number of concerning PhD topics. The authors wrote that “New Zealand’s University of Otago is becoming the center for terrorist sympathizers”.

Professor Jackson joined Professor Rowe, Professor Kevin P Clements from Otago University, Dr Rose Martin from the University of Auckland, Dr Nigel Parsons from Massey University, and Paul Duffill from the University of Sydney in a 2017 open letter that called for sanctions on Israel.

Also this week, the Director of the Centre for Culture-Centred Approach to Research and Evaluation at Massey University, Professor Mohan Dutta, tweeted support for the antisemitism of US congresswoman, Ilan Omar. Professor Dutta is the Massey University Dean’s Chair in Communication and had also previously tweeted that “Freedom loving people the world over that claim to support freedom must understand the Palestinian call to end Israel as a people’s fundamental right to freedom.”and “We want it all back. From the river to the sea.” The former is explicit, while the latter is well known to be a call for the destruction of the state of Israel.

The extremist views, openly shared, by senior academics is deeply concerning. These are people who are teaching students and lending their academic credentials to government reports.


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