Can you tell White Supremacists from anti-Israel activists? – New Zealand version


The Israel Institute of New Zealand has previously exposed a “Pro-Palestinian” Facebook group – Kia Ora Gaza, run by Roger Fowler – as promoting and tolerating antisemitism.

Prime Minister Ardern was a member of that group without her knowledge and distanced herself from it when she saw the racism on display. However, some Green MPs are still part of that group.

There is another Facebook group – Aotearoa Standing With Palestine – that has been shown to promote and tolerate antisemitism in it – including Holocaust denial. A Labour MP is an active member of that group and one of the administrators is part of the Palestinian Solidarity Network Aotearoa (PSNA).

The Israel Institute of New Zealand has shown how the secretary of PSNA, Neil Scott, posts comments almost identical to that of the White Supremacist webiste, The Daily Stormer; and how the chair of that group, John Minto, also tolerates and engages in antisemitism.

There is also a White Supremacist group in New Zealand that is becoming louder. Action Zealandia is also linked to overseas groups known to be violent and openly antisemitic.

To show how similar the anti-Israel and White Supremacist antisemitism is, we have put together a little quiz. See if you can correctly identify where each statement came from.

Can your friends do any better trying to separate “Pro-Palestinians” from White Supremacists?


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