Support for murdering Jews from NZ leaders


David Farrar has pointed out that

“The Green Party take the side of Hamas in almost every flare up with Israel. They never ever criticise Hamas, but always use highly emotive language against any response from Israel… Hamas hates Jews. They want to kill Jews. They want to destroy Israel. This is not a territorial dispute. This is anti-semitism on full display. And anyone who takes their side, is siding with outright hatred of Jews.

Indeed, it has been shocking to see Green MPs refuse to condemn Hamas rocket attacks, repeat a genocidal chant that Hamas has co-opted, and join terror-sponsored stunts in aid of Hamas. It is also concerning to see the terror group’s actions downplayed by Labour MP, Duncan Webb.

Support for genocidal terror against Jews has also been expressed by an ex-Green Party candidate and strategy advisor to the Māori Party, Jack McDonald, who tweeted a comparison between Hamas to Mandela and the ANC, saying “…I’m anti-militarist but resistance to oppression and violent apartheid requires force…”. That was reetweeted by journalist, Mihiarangi Forbes – who also supported a similarly violent antisemitic outburst in 2018.

Especially at a time when anti-Israel protests have devolved into blatantly antisemitic hate-fests, and antisemitic hate-crimes have spiked, one might think that leaders in politics and media would be careful about their language. This is especially true for people,  like the Green Party,  who are in favour of “hate speech” laws.