Israel is a free and true democracy just like ours


Israel is not an apartheid state (Tuesday). Israel goes to great lengths to ensure peace and co-habitation in the land. The stumbling blocks are a corrupt Palestinian Authority refusing to negotiate with Israel; a violent terrorist network continually threatening to kill the Jewish population; unbalanced reporting by media; and politically motivated reports like the one mentioned coming from human rights groups. The motivation behind such reports does not seem to be empathy with the innocent Palestinians caught up in the crossfires, but rather blatant antisemitism—a hatred for Israel because it is a Jewish state. The Anti-Defamation League and other groups have come out and stated that the Amnesty report is “biased and one-sided”, accusing the human rights group of presenting an “unbalanced, inaccurate and incomplete review”. Some of the United Nations institutions like the Human Rights Council have for a long time shown bias and unfairness when dealing with Israel. Perhaps that shouldn’t be too surprising, as most of the governments represented at the UN are not akin to the type of free democracies that we are used to in the West. But we can be sure of this—Israel is a free and true democracy just like ours.

  • Nigel Woodley, Dominion Post, 01 Feb 2022