Interview with Dead Sea Guardians producers


The film Dead Sea Guardians will soon be shown at the Doc Edge festival in New Zealand. The Boycott movement in New Zealand targeted this film because it was sponsored to be shown at the Doc Edge festival by the Israeli Embassy.

Amongst the many countries that have shown this film, NZ is the only one to have called for a boycott. 

We interviewed the producers of the film Ido Glass and Yoav Kleinman to find out more about the film. 

Dead Sea Guardians is a film about three men – Oded, an Israeli in high-tech, Munqeth, a Jordanian environmentalist, and Yusuf, a Palestinian lifeguard – who are brought together by their equal passions of swimming and to save the Dead Sea. From the moment they meet, their sole focus is on creating a high-profile event to capture people’s attention to the environmental catastrophe happening in their own backyards. They will put together a group of international swimmers to do something that has never been done: to swim across the Dead Sea, from Jordan to Israel. 

The heroes of the film overcome the differences of their background and opposing narratives to work together for the sake of saving the sea and forge friendships in the process. 

The film seeks to raise awareness of the plight of the Dead Sea which is in existential danger. You can find out more about how to save the Dead Sea here: