Bus stop bombing in Jerusalem must be condemned

Police and security personnel at the scene of a suspected terror attack in Ramot, Jerusalem, on November 22, 2022. Photo by Olivier Fitoussil/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** כניסה ירושלים פיגוע

IINZ stands with Israel in the face of the latest terror attacks. Two bombs, packed with nails to maximize harm were detonated at bus stops in Jerusalem during rush hour on Wednesday morning. One person was murdered and more than 20 remain injured by the blasts.

We offer condolences to the family of the murdered, hope for a quick recovery of those injured, and have faith that the terrorists will see justice.

For many, the blasts brought back trauma from the intifada in 2002 when suicide bombers detonated on busses, in restaurants, and outside nightclubs across the country. Israeli defences like the security barrier were effective in reducing the attacks but the most recent blasts show just how vigilent the Jewish nation must remain.

IINZ notes the public condemnation of the latest terror attacks from the EU, Germany, UK, Australia, USA, Canada, and others. IINZ also notes the silence from New Zealand officials and political leaders – just as they have remained silent about previous attacks.

Sadly, this pattern of silence in the face of terror against Jews and Israelis it is in keeping with New Zealand’s outlier position of not designating Hamas or Hezbollah at terror groups, of DPMC staff tolerating open support for Hamas violence from an invited Holocaust denier, and MFAT staff proudly funding schools that glorify terror against Jews.

We hope that one day New Zealand will have leaders who have the moral fibre to confidently stand against terror, in word and deed, even when it is against Jews and Israelis. We expect our leaders to show consistency in standing against terror, including that directed towards Israelis and Jews.



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