IINZ adds voice to call for independent review


Israel Institute of New Zealand co-director, Dr David Cumin, is adding voice to the calls for an independent review of Radio NZ, following revelations that dozens of articles were inappropriately edited from overseas sources before publication.

“There are now dozens of articles that Radio New Zealand has found in which content was edited, in some cases to introduce disinformation, and even tacit support for terror. There must be an independent review and accountability.” – Dr David Cumin

On article on RNZ’s website titled “Israel’s Netanyahu returns with far-right cabinet set to expand settlements” has an editorial note that states 

“This story was edited inappropriately and has been corrected. RNZ is concerned and takes this matter extremely seriously. We are investigating and have taken appropriate action. A previous version of this article included four edits. In the first sentence a word was changed from “hard-right” to “far-right”…”.

Yet, clearly the error remains in the title.

There are at least 9 stories that have been found to be edited inappropriately by RNZ staff to be anti-Israel or pro-terror. Editorial staff have also introduced egregious bias into stories to be pro-Russia, pro-China, and anti-women. This is despite Chief Executive Paul Thompson stating that  “I would point out that it is confined to one area [Russia-Ukraine]”.

“The scale of the offending is clearly much greater than RNZ bosses initially thought and they have clearly failed to even properly address what they have found so far. An independent review is vital if there is to be any trust in our fourth estate.” – Dr David Cumin