Media distortion on terrorist crackdown


Mainstream media has wasted no time in distorting the truth regarding the IDF action against terrorist hubs in Jenin.

In response to  a sharp rise in terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens – including Arabs, Jews and Palestinians, Israeli security forces launched an extensive effort to thwart terrorist activity in the area of Jenin.

Photo: of Jenin “refugee camp”.


Since the beginning of the year, 29 people have been murdered in Israel – including a Palestinian from Gaza who was killed in May by a Palestinian rocket while working in Israel. More than 270 people have been injured during terror attacks. This rise is the result of a strategic decision by the terrorist organizations to escalate attacks, particularly in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. Evidence shows that Iran and its proxies, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, have transferred a lot of money and weapons to terrorists.

These terrorist organizations are also taking advantage of the unstable governance of the Palestinian Authority (PA). Fatah members, who are sometimes linked to the PA, are even involved in some forms of terrorism and incitement. 

On 26 May, two rockets were launched from the city of Jenin, the first since the Second Intifada. These rockets were launched by Hamas affiliated parties. Although the rockets in question were homemade and the launches were not successful (they landed within PA territory), they reflect an ongoing effort by terrorist organizations operating in northern Samaria and Jenin to upgrade their weapons and boost their efforts to produce explosives and rockets. 

An IDF and Border Patrol operation (19 May) to arrest terrorists in Jenin prior to the rocket launches was met with heavy fire and a large number of explosive devices were launched at the forces, while during their exit from the city, a vehicle was damaged by a pre-positioned IED. 

Predictably, media outlets have minimized Palestinian terrorist activity and framed it to cast  Israel in a negative light. Radio New Zealand’s reporting reduced Palestinian violence to simply “throwing stones”.  The fact is that there have been on-going street battles between fully armed terrorists and the IDF. The IDF only attacks terrorist targets in Jenin, while terrorists cynically make sure to place themselves close to schools and clinics.

Washington Post’s headline failed to mention that the eight men killed were terrorists. Sadly, these young men are groomed for terrorism in a culture that glorifies martyrdom.



During the operation the IDF uncovered over 300 Palestinian improvised explosives and a couple of dozen key terror command and control and other targets were destroyed.

Soldiers located and confiscated an improvised rocket launcher and other weapons. Most notably, they destroyed several laboratories for the production and storage of explosives, according to an IDF statement. One of the larger laboratories had hundreds of improvised explosives ready for use.

Another piece of fake news is that the IDF was evacuating entire families from Jenin creating another Nakba. The reality is that families chose to evacuate voluntarily in order not to be in the conflict zone and some because hundreds of armed Palestinian terrorists were hiding in their homes.

The fact is, that the IDF does everything in its power to protect civilian life. We hope the operation will come to an end quickly with minimal loss of life.