Unpublished letter to the NZ Herald


Dr Alan Papert of Queenstown sent the following letters to the editor to the New Zealand Herald on 10 Nov. The editor chose not to publish it.

It would seem to me that most people are misinformed about Israel. The media on all sides have a political agenda and distort ,misrepresent and outright lie about Israel. I decided to write a scoresheet that grades Israel according to all the allegations and tags applied to it.

Genocide: Score = 1 It would seem that as a nation carrying out genocide Israel is a total failure. After the 1967 war there were 1m Arabs in Israel. Last year that had risen to 5m.

Apartheid state: Score = 1 Again a total failure Unlike South Africa, under apartheid all Israeli arabs are equal. This is reflected in there being over 10 Arab MPs in the Parliament. In fact even more than our own Maori party has here.
The president of Israel found guilty of a crime was sentenced by an Arab Judge!

Medical care: Score = 10. Arab women who request an abortion cross the border from Gaza to Israel as abortion is illegal in Gaza. Ismail Haniyeh’s daughter’s ( a leader of Hamas) was admitted to Hospital to Tel aviv hospital for critical medical care that saved her life.
Its time to get the facts straight. Is Israel a paragon of virtue, no but its not the monster the media and left wing politicians like to portray it as.