Israel Institute demands a New Zealand response to continuing Hamas attacks on Israel


Israel Institute of New Zealand director, Dr David Cumin, is calling on the Government to strongly condemn the latest round of attacks on Israel by Palestinian terror groups.

At least 17 missiles were indiscriminately fired into Israel, from Gaza, overnight, with Hamas, the rulers of Gaza, boasting that 35 were actually launched. This follows more than 50 rockets and mortars that were fired into Southern Israel in May – most of which were intercepted, but at least one of which landed in an Israeli kindergarten.

Dr Cumin says the continuing violence from Hamas needs to be condemned, especially with New Zealand providing aid to the region

“Instead of only blaming Israel for the continuing violence we need to look to its source and strongly condemn Hamas and other terror groups who have explicit aims of destroying the Jewish state”.

Dr Cumin also drew attention to recent moves by nations such as Australia, The United States, and Israel to review or suspend payments to the Palestinian Authority following revelations that aid dollars are being funnelled into terror. There have been calls for the same from the UK and Canada among other nations.

“New Zealand should follow the lead of these nations in questioning whether our taxpayer dollars are being used to aid terror after over 100 more days of state-sponsored violence against Israel”.

Dr Cumin says civilians and militants have been paid and provoked by Hamas to breach the border fence with Israel in order to, in the words of Hamas leader, Yahya Sinwar, “tear out their hearts from their bodies“.

“While the riots at the fence were mostly ineffective and the IDF has prevented breaches of the border fence, balloons and kites with incendiary devices have destroyed thousands of acres of farmland and forest“.

Dr Cumin also says that it is ironic that Unite Union leader Mike Treen is on his way to Israel to provide political support to terrorists by trying to ‘break’ the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

“Mr Treen is attempting to nullify a legal action, taken by a sovereign state, which has been put in place to prevent further terror attacks and save lives on both sides. It is shameful that he supports the actions of a group which would bomb Israeli kindergartens”



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