Barkan terror attack exemplifies conflict

Violent Palestinians

On Sunday, two Israelis were murdered in a terror attack by a 23-year-old Palestinian man who left a note praising Yasser Arafat.

Kim Levengrond Yehezkel, a 28-year-old mother of one, was tied up and shot at close range. Ziv Hajbi, a 35-year old father of three, was also shot dead and a third victim was injured before the terrorist fled.

Like the murder of Ari Fuld last month, the incident took place where Arabs and Jews live and work side by side. Barkan was considered an oasis of coexistence and peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Representatives from democratic nations, including CanadaUSAFranceAustriaItalyGermanyUK, and Cyprus have condemned the terror. New Zealand is once again silent.

Hamas called the attack ‘heroic’ and ‘a natural response to the Israeli occupation’s crimes’; Islamic Jihad called on ‘proud people’ to ‘rise up’ as Gazans were celebrating the attack with sweets; and Fatah said “Nobody will enjoy security, as long as the Palestinian people are deprived of their rights on their land,” while they will pay the terrorist a salary as part of the PA’s “pay for slay” policy.

These responses to murderous terror underscores a real barrier to peace. As Hananya Naftali wrote, “This is not about the absence of peace but the presence of hate“.

May the memories of Kim and Ziv be a blessing and may their families be comforted.