PA blocking fuel to Gaza

There is an electricity crisis in Gaza. Essential services rely heavily on back-up generators but these require fuel.

The UN appealed for donors to fund US$6.5m to provide 7.7m litres of emergency fuel for 2018.

However, funding is not the real barrier to solving the crisis. After all, Hamas invests tens of millions of dollars into terror tunnels.

A recent article has highlighted what is the major problem – Palestinian politics.

Essam Aldalis, deputy head of Hamas’s “Political Department,” said that Qatar has paid for the required fuel and that “Israel agreed to the pumping of the fuel to the power plant in the Gaza Strip,”.

The real problem, according to Hamas is that “The Palestinian Authority threatened the transportation company workers and the employees of the electricity company that they would be held accountable if they received the fuel and operated the power plant for more than four hours.”

Aldalis also addressed the residents of Gaza, asking “So who is besieging you, the people of Gaza?

It is disappointing that mainstream NZ news, some commentators, and elected officials who have condemned Israel for maintaining strong borders and defending against the Gaza riots are all silent when the Palestinian Authority is actually besieging Gaza.