Iranian Condemns Golriz Ghahraman For Spreading Hatred


Cyrus Basham spoke at the Israel Solidarity Rally in Auckland, 23 May, 2021


I’m speaking on behalf of the Iranian Freedom Fighters.

I’m here to send a message of friendship and peace to the  people of Israel and to tell you that people like Golriz Ghahraman and Donna Miles-Mojab,  who spread hatred against Israel, are not our representatives.

These people ignore the pain of their own people. They never protest for Iranian young people but they just go around and spread hatred against Israel for their benefit and their own political gain.

When people in Iran were getting slaughtered by the Iranian regime on the streets of more than 36 cities all over Iran I kept sending messages to Golriz asking for her support and to join us, but she ignored me.

And I don’t understand why she’s going around and protesting against Israel right now. She’s supporting the terrorists of Hamas.  

Only last year more that 246 Iranian people were officially announced to be executed in Iran, I didn’t see any article from this woman Donna Miles-Mojab or Golriz Ghahraman to defend human rights of the people of Iran.

This is just disgusting.

We know the Islamic regime that has taken over Iran is looting Iran’s resources and funding terrorists of Hamas who are using residential buildings and civilians as humans shields.

Israel has every right to defend its people and its borders. Peace to you and freedom for Iran. Thank you very much.